Who We Are

SEVENsCamp, LLC is a new type of entertainment and production company driven by current and future technological advances that provide for greater access to the consumer with less cost, via the internet and sUAS aviation. We are a ninety percent self-contained company with productions, worldwide internet distribution and sales capability. Paying close attention to demand, we produce original content shows and events tailored to global interests and audiences of all age groups. We produce quality music and videos for recording artists and we have a full service business to business division for production of soundtrack, jingles, commercials, aerial imaging, aerial advertising and other video media needs.


Driven by our seven principles Self-Motivation, Develop Talent, Determination, Perseverance, Desire, Invest in Yourself, and Realizing Potential, we strive for excellence. Our customers are the digital world users that seek extreme exposure of their products and services


Our Limited Liability Corporation

Headquartered in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania and with foreign Corporation status our business offices are located in Long Beach, California. The SEVENsCamp Production Soundstage/Recording/Aerial production complex and creative offices are located in San Bernardino, CA where we have built an Entertainment Production oasis in an economically starved landscape to provide new jobs, infuse the economy and bring renewed light to a desperately depressed bankrupt City.


The Concept

SEVENsCamp is the result of the past thirty years of trial and error, research, design and meticulous attention to the heartbeat and future direction of innovative technology coupled with the excitement of and preparation for industry-wide impending change.