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SEVENsCamp has found its Place in the sUAS (Drone) Industry with the release of the worlds first aerial digital advertising medium Named the sUAS Aerial Digital Advertising Board or ADAB Patent Pending.

SEVENsCamp Executive Producer and CEO Lynwood Douthett has been developing the concept of sUAS (drone) aerial advertising for two years designing a unique frame for a two-sided banner to be attached to a drone . However realizing the associated high risk for instability in attaching a banner to a drone, Lynwood began looking for the possibility of attaching an electronic medium. One that would not threaten the stability of the flight. Lynwood also had several other challenges with power, weight and size and after several defeated options, found the perfect equation.

The ADAB is the first system in a series expected to be released

sAUS Aerial Digital Advertising is Now available to the world





SevensCamp coverage of Empowerment event hosted by Reggie Webb at LifeWay Church Held on Friday November 4th 2016

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Allen Wallace  West Side Story Interviews At the event







SEVENsCamp hosts Holiday Event on Saturday December 17th

cheryl-3-still009Sheri Whitten, Ollie Elder and Cherly Hall at the Holiday event at SEVENsCamp December 17 2016



Ms Gina Grahm at the Holiday event at SEVENsCamp December 17 2016




Jeff The Great, Daughter and Phillup Charles at the Holiday event at SEVENsCamp December 17 2016


SEVENsCamp Offers Introductory Drone Flight Training to One Hundred Students in Redlands CA

Friday’s June 23 and 30

sUAS (Drone) aviation technology meets both STEM and STEAM and 100 children of the CRY-ROP Summer camp in Redlands were given the opportunity to learn the aspects of a possible career in the vast commercial drone industry. Later, the students were taken to a park in Redlands CA. and given their first hands on lesson flying the drones