sUAS Aerial Services (Drones)


The FAA predicts that there could be 30,000 Drones in our nation’s skies by 2020

The economic impact of the first three years of integration of Drones into the National Airspace is approximately $13.6 Billion.

The Average Annual Salary for a Drone Pilot is $104,000.00 Annually.


Looking for a high paying career of the future? Become a professional Unmanned Aerial Systems Pilot and earn big.

SEVENsCamp offers a comprehensive sUAS (Drone) Pilot Prep course.

This course is an intense 4-hour per day airmen knowledge base training for people wishing to earn their FAA Certified Airmen Certificate with a sUAS rating and become Professional UAS Pilots.  The training will be held each Saturday for fourteen weeks.

This sUAS Student Pilot Prep course is designed to provide a skill set necessary to safely, effectively and responsibly operate as the Pilot in Command (PIC) of a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) in the national airspace; provide detailed understanding and professional execution of all FAA rules and regulations for civil sUAS/UAS operations and; provide advanced working knowledge of 14 CFR Part 107 in preparation of becoming a professional FAA Certified sUAS Pilot.

The course includes simulated, practical applications with 16 hours of hands on flight training. A total of 56 Training Hours.

This Course is not a two day cram to pass the FAA sUAS knowledge based test.

We offer trainees a Superior Training, tailored to produce skilled, knowledgeable, responsible mission oriented professional sUAS Pilots; equipped to safely and efficiently execute any and all sUAS/UAS pilot assignments.

The training also includes preparation for the future autonomous applications necessary to meet the sUAS delivery services for companies like Amazon 

Picture of Amazon beta test delivery drone

Don’t procrastinate and Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. If you are looking for a career with a better than average salary and sustainable future; Call us today at 310 465-4117 to request more info and to register, or contact us at; 

Your future in UAS Aviation is waiting for you.aerial-house-property-view



Aerial Advertisement

Aerial surveys

Aerial Real Estate video

Aerial Commercial footage

Aerial Search and Rescuetyphoon-q500-4k-15

Post Disaster Topography Imagery (photos and video)

Aerial Inspections (line, pipe, etc.)

Aerial Farm Topography (photos and video, crop inspections)

Aerial Event Coverage

Aerial Security

Aerial Motion Picture Footage

All of our Pilots are FAA Certified 14 CFR Part 107 rated.

All of our Flight Operations are fully insured for our clients comfort.

Call us at 310 465-4116 to Schedule your next AERIAL Flight Operation with us.frozen-lake-footage-7

Jobs you can get as a sUAS Pilot 

aerial-bridge-inspection  Aerial bridge inspection

Structural and other recorded information

aerial-construction-site-picAerial  Construction site footage


aerial-event-coverage Aerial event coverage

Cover the event from the air

aerial-infrastructure-pic Aerial Infrastructure coverage

Record aerial footage for infrastructure inspection and incident verification

aerial-search-and-rescueAerial Disaster imaging and mapping

Fly over disaster areas before first responders to map and record the area

aerial-crop-inspectionAerial agriculture crop inspections and health analysis.


aerial-pipe-inspectionAerial pipe and line inspection

aerial-movie-footage-coverageAerial movie and video footage coverage