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The ADAB system is the world’s first sUAS Aerial Digital Advertising Board (Patent Pending). The ADAB system is fully programmable, full color and has the capability to display animation and pictures as well as text in ten different languages. There are eight 15 minute ADAB flights in a four hour flight campaign. The client chooses a single message or multiple messages within the same topic.

The Advertising may be done day or night. The ADAB system can target a large crowd or a single street in a neighborhood. The cost of a four hour   ADAB system campaign flight is a fraction of the cost of a four hour banner flight.

The ADAB system can fly any message before tens of thousands at a shopping mall, sporting event or concert or deliver a message to a single street in a neighborhood any time, day or night, the ADAB message can be read from 200 feet away. Even more spectacular at night, the ADAB commands attention as the full color LED motion of the message shines as a beacon in the night. Multiple ADAB systems can achieve mass saturation of the message to targeted audiences.

Even on the outside chance the ADAB overhead is not seen. Each ADAB system is equipped with beacon technology that transmits the campaign message to all android phones (81.7% of all smartphones) within a 100 yard radius of the ADAB (updating to 400 yards in June 2018) (that’s about a quarter of a mile in every direction) Send the client’s digital coupon directly to the phone combining advertising and promotion in one powerful delivery system that will not be ignored. The addition of beacon technology ensures that the clients’ message is received and more importantly retained. This feature also increases the decision to buy or participate.

The ADAB system takes aerial advertising to a whole new level in marketing.

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Our event coverage provides superior aerial coverage of your event; providing you and your sponsors spectacular views of the success of your event. Event goers can get an glimpse into the excitement of your event.

Aerial footage provides beautiful angles, transforming your event into a memorable work of art that may be shared with all involved


There is something  spectacular about seeing the land from the air. offering a whole new prospective. SEVENsCamp employs trained professionals to capture your views from the sky.


Aerial showcasing offers breathtaking views of your properties not possible with ground viewing, exposing the true beauty and uniqueness of your property.  You can perform detailed roof inspections without  leaving the ground. Clearly see property boundaries and even the neighbors properties and surrounding neighborhoods. Buy or sell your next property with our spectacular aerial views.


Aerial coverage offers superior viewing of the ground. Being able to see around the corner, up on the roof or between the buildings and cars is essential to safety and security. SEVENsCamp also has infrared, thermal and zoom cameras to enhance the view as necessary to assist in identifying  the location of a person or persons of interest. We utilize professional pilots with law enforcement backgrounds and special security training for this type of service.


Music Videos, News Coverage, Movie footage or just memorabilia, SEVENsCamp employs an Emmy Award winning cinematographer who will capture your footage with unmatched artful award winning quality and angles; all while paying close attention to and inserting the essence that makes your event special.